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Nuclear medicine is a medical specialty where medicinal radio compounds, or radiopharmaceuticals, are used as diagnostic and therapeutic agents. In molecular radiotherapy (MRT), it is important to administer an optimal amount of radiopharmaceutical into the patient to ensure the effectiveness of the treatment and reduce the toxicity probability of organs at risk.

In general, treatments using 177Lu-DOTATATE still uses the historical practice of a fixed administration of 7.4 GBq per cycle, regardless of the sex, age, anatomy, or inter-patient fixation variability. This causes a significant fluctuation of the absorbed dose delivered to organs at risk and tumor targets, hardening the prediction of treatment outcomes. Recent studies suggest that treatment planning based on individual dosimetry is a way to optimize the treatment.

IRDose is a web application for personalized dosimetry of patients undergoing radionuclide therapy using Monte Carlo methods in conjunction with treatment images, including voxelized anthropomorphic computer simulators, based on CT images of the patient himself, to accurately represent their anatomy.

1252 radionuclides from ICRP 107

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