How to create source and target organs with Slicer3D
Courtesy of Jonathan Tranel

  1. On up-left corner click on "DCM" > "Import" > "load".

  2. In "Modules" select "Segment Editor"

  3. "Add segment".

  4. On "Effects", select "Draw".

  5. Draw the desired region and press Enter to add. It is also possible to erase mistakes by selecting the "Erase" brush.
  6. Repeat the previous action over all slices that contains the desired volume/organ.
  7. Once the whole organ is covered, click on "Create surface".

  8. On "Modules" select "Segmentations"

  9. Under "copy/move segment (import/export)" select the segmentation and add the label map

  10. "Copy/move segment"

  11. On "Modules" select "Mask Scalar Volume"

    1. Input Volume: the DICOM file
    2. Mask volume: the created volume
    3. Masked volume: "Create new as" -> Name your volume.
    4. Label value: 1
    5. Replace value : 0
    6. Click on "Apply"

  12. On "Modules" select "Subject hierarchy"

    1. Right click on "Scene" -> "Create new subject"

    2. Right click on "New subject" -> "Create new child study"

    3. Glide the volume created at 11.iii to "New Study"
    4. Right click on "New subject" -> "Export to DICOM..."

    5. Choose the destination folder

--- Voilà !! ---